JULY 13- 23, 2012 Trip Cost per person:

– Each person books their own flight and pays for their own transportation and airport fees to the only airport in Trinidad.

– I need a donation made to SFC of a minimum of $1,000 for each person to help cover the costs in Trinidad. If you cannot stay with us for the entire 9 days, the cost to cover you is $125 a day.

-The only other money you will need in Trinidad is for anything you want to do that is separate from working with the children in Tamana.

– You will need a passport and your immunization shots.

– I will help you with the details. There are many things to prepare for.

These are things I need from you:

– A signed release form. I can send you a copy. The form is much like something you might sign before skydiving or whatever. Trinidad is not a safe place.

– And a donation to SFC of at least $1,000 to cover your expenses in Trinidad.

Payment method for your expenses in Trinidad:

– Once you have purchased your plane ticket, you are commited to go. I need you to start paying towards Trinidad in July as soon as you have your ticket.
– Checks are made payable to “Saint Elmo Avenue Baptist Church” (SEABC) designated in the “for” line, “Sanctuary For Children” (SFC). Mail the checks to me so I can keep records of your payments before the check is turned into the church.

– I need all of the donations for the trip deposited in the SEABC bank account before July 1st. The week before we go, we will be focusing on spiritual things and need to have money matters behind us.

– Donations to SEABC are tax deductible and non refundable. I’ve never heard of anyone asking for a refund from a donation to a church. All the money will be used to accomplish the Lord’s work with the fatherless children.

Just a few words about July…………..

The expenses in July will be greater and less predictable than those of any other 9 day trip to Trinidad in previous years. We are essentially paying for a daly safari into the Tamana Jungle, most likely setting up and breaking down each time for the major child evangelism events to be held each night and also ministering to the fatherless during each day.

This is not a typical church mission trip. We will be working exactly as foreign missionaries in one area with the same children for 9 days. Many fatherless will decide to become warriors with Jesus for life. You will be personally involved in salvation. Because children in that area have nothing else to do, we expect attendance of over 500 each day increasing to well over 1000 as the week progresses and word gets out. The cost of providing toilet facilities, popcorn, some food, drinks, etc. for all these children as well as sound systems, transportation, etc. on a daily basis could financially drain the ministry well into the future if we are not careful. The Lord will provide, but He wants us to follow His plans and be careful with what He gives us.

The Lord’s plans always succeed.

Blessings, Lee

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