Our real purpose

Hi Rosie,

The van running with the invertor will run all the equipment for as long as the van has gas. -From the movie tonight, I learned  that we need the following improvements.
– We cannot use the computer backup. mine caused more trouble than good. the invertor is made for police cars equipped with several computers so I not worried about it damaging the video projector unless it is unpluged or stopped in the middle of the movie by mistake. 
– The silver tarp does not look good. I will leave it hear. We used every inch of the 8′ by 10 size and it could be bigger but 8 by 10 could be seen by maybe 500 children.  Is that all we care about saving? No wee need as many to see and hear Jesus as the equipment will allow. We need a large white sheet or white white fabric as large as possible and ironed or rolled up to protect and carry it with no wrinkles. Perhaps roll a protector around it. Wrinkles and creases tonight made the picture hard to understand.
– The sound system is pretty amazing for it’s suitcase size  but outside with crickets and frogs making noise it was hard to understand all the the words more than 50-70 feet away. the speakers have to mounted on top of the screen poles and I will bring long speaker wires. I will bring cord to hold the pole frame up. Perhaps kelvin can cut some cane (3) or more10′ pieces 2 up 1 across the top or 4 if one is added at the bottom as well. The flatness of a screen without wrinkles is an obvious necessity after watching the movie tonight. The children need to hear the words of Jesus for this to work. The microphone works considerpng how poor my voice is. it will sound as well as the voices in the movie . I am bringing and equalizer to make i sound natural dependind on acoustics, trees walls, or how high the speakers are will change the settings
– Well need to carry a solid flat surface in the van to set the projector on it can’t be shaken while the movie is one. Perhaps we will have a hard suitcase to carry stuff. I have  plywood panel in my large sutcase. The suitcase can prtect the gear and be atbel as well. Everything has to serve multiple purpose or be ver compact. Can yo borrow any of this there?
– It takes about an hour to set it all up. The screen could take more or less depending on what Kelvin comes up with. I want us to all learn all of it so no one person especially me, makes it work. The movie, the stories are the method. God will do the rest as long as they can see and hear, I need each of you to intentionally learn everything about each part of this equipment. God is clear about that. Our Lord Jesus will be on the screen. He deserves to be heard and understood. We know how the world treated Him. We set up equipment for Him to talk.
– This is a war we are fighting to the death. I am prepared to die there and would be glad to. That is purpose .I will train you in how to fight with these equipment weapons. Every man woman and child must learn to shoot to kill with this equipment. No excuses. No leaving it up to to others. Read on the internet. At least learn the terms I am wring about. This is absolutely clear to me for reasons that will be clear when the week is over and it will be too late. Leave no regrets. Invest all or hope to get involved next time. We will set up each night and we must win each battle or people die fro generations to come when the enemy wins. It is 2pm tonight because it takes that long to wait for dark to start the movie and put up the stuff after it. We need to start setting up 2 hours before dark. The van and cables must be protected or accidently unplugging a hot projector can fry it. Turing off the van means the battery dies and we are stranded. It is all serious stuff and a lot to learn. The screen, the pole, the guy ropes to hold it up is something you can practice and learn now, Once it is dark and th children there that is it. The message, the results. no failures or excuse to the Lord. Our job is the movies and the stories and making sure the equipment does not fail or some mistake will not destroy it for the rest of the week.
– Is there an extra backup projector we can bring? The ministry will pay for loss. Perhaps nor new prices for old stuff, but enough to be prorated insurance. During this outdoor movie experiment tonight, it put me in Trinidad. I know without a doubt the movies and the sound of the message must be flawless. This is Satans next attempted way to stop us by keeping some of us ignorant about the equipment. Prepare yourselves. We will train with this equipment like soldiers with weapons. We will travel Tamana and build such an army of children that Satan himself will have to build the orphanages to hold them. Anyone holding back the group should welcome correction. Our purpose is to get there and be effectively in the battle, Forget your own needs or anything you want. Put the Lord’s needs first. He need to get the movies and the stores to the children. 
– I Can send pictures of the parts of the equipment if that will help.Rosie, Rachel and Kelvin, I need you to surprise me with the portable screen, at least 8 by 10′. smooth and sparklely white if possible. The Lord has provided for this trip. These are the things we need for just that week, Figuring it out late is too late. Do not worry about spending ministry money. This fishing boot and gear is more important than where we stay or sleep. Or job is fishers or men. Our boat, the van needs to be fully equipped.
– I anticipate we will need to shift our sleep schedules. movies start at dark until wherever plus the long drive home after midnight. We can rest prepared to stay up late each night and personal ministry each day with the fatherless. We may also bring Rosie’s laptop to show movies in the day to small groups if needed. The harvest is great. No doubt. We train for war like soldiers. Start now.
– Prayers like those from Samantha and those who the Lord directs what to pray who have given up even knowing how to pray will move mountains. These prayers open the Lord to leading me and leading us. This battle is life and living. This world is death. I choose life. I want to be in a life a death battle. This is meant to be so intense it is scary.
I pray that God makes it that way.
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