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SFC in 2011
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It is the Lord's desire that Christian strongholds will spring up all over Trinidad in the form of orphanages. The body of Christ is people, not buildings. The homes for the fatherless, the orphanages, are not yet buildings, but are the children themselves as they become living strongholds of Christ. The buildings will come. In His wisdom and in His ways, the Lord Jesus will certainly provide for the earthly needs of the orphans, the fatherless. Through child evangelism, this ministry starts with the message of Jesus that sets them free. Because these children have so little, they can more easily understand and hold onto a thing of value, Jesus. As children become disciples of Jesus, Jesus will take care of their obvious earthly needs. We ask only in prayer and Jesus is not deaf. The glory goes to Christ and not for anything we did on our own. We do not take credit that we have provided by our wealth, our abilities or our work, but give credit to the Lord that He has answered prayers for the fatherless. From the Bible we already know His heart is for the fatherless. The Lord will give the fatherless far more than earthly needs. Jesus will provide earthly needs and give them eternal treasure as well.

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