With this ministry, it is possible that giving a simple gift to a child could give them a new and better life with the power of Jesus Christ

– We ship gifts to Trinidad for children; Toys, Clothes, Books, Bibles, Church and Educational supplies
– Churches in Trinidad invite children to a scheduled event to receive the free gifts
– At these events, children hear about Jesus Christ, and if they want, they receive a Bible and a new church home
– Inviting the children means inviting connected adults and the community
– The children and adults keep coming back to the churches
– This builds up the children, the churches and support for the children
– We also give gifts and the message of Christ to children in schools, orphanages and other organizations in Trinidad
– We continue to send gifts and supplies from the US to ministries in Trinidad to continue this work. The purpose is to help them to do this work themselves.

We give to all children, no matter where they are found or their background. The only qualification is that they are children in need. Without giving away free gifts, it would be hard for Americans to go to Trinidad and find the neediest children. They are not in orphanages, because there are only a few orphanages and no more room.

What happens Where

The local churches are the best community gathering places. They are already equipped and motivated by the desire to provide all kinds of help and ministries to adults, families and children. The local churches of Trinidad and Tobago who want to help the children decide to partner with this ministry. Partnering means they simply invite any children to come to an advertised scheduled event put on by this ministry where free gifts will be given away. Those individuals in Trinidad, who want to receive blessings upon themselves by giving, work with the churches to help to put on the event in partnership with this ministry, Sanctuary For Children, using the gifts sent from America. Anyone of any belief can help and the place of the event does not have to be a church as long as we are allowed to share our personal life stories about Jesus Christ.
With this ministry, it is possible that giving a simple gift to a child could give them a new and better life with the power of Jesus Christ.

Connecting with the Needy Children

Children will come to receive something free and the needier they are the more likely they are to come. These are the very children we are praying for and seeking to help. The gifts are: clothes, toys, books, school and educational supplies, toothpaste and personal cleanliness supplies, Bibles, or anything a child might want but most likely could never afford to buy.


When the children are attracted, relationships are developed between those who can help and those who need help. These personal relationships are the most important thing about this ministry. If the needs of the individual children personally become known, the children can be helped by the local individuals, communities and churches and supported and encouraged by this ministry in America.

The Gift that Lasts Forever

No child is forced to accept any beliefs in order to receive gifts, help or care from the churches and communities. But, we do want to share our personal stories of how the Lord has blessed us. If the Lord has done good things for us and can do the same for these children, it is not right to keep it all to ourselves. The Lord has blessed us with His greatest gift of His son Jesus Christ. He gave this so we might have a life free from the bondage of this world and eternal blessings. We want to make this gift available to all who would understand its value and accept it. The gifts from the barrels are given with no strings attached. If any child or adult is uncomfortable with the churches or what is said, they are still loved and will receive the same as any. We want to be compassionate and gentle. We want to give the love of Christ to all, not religion.

Continued Help

We will give out as many Bibles to children who want one as the ministry can afford. Bibles are rarely donated, usually cost us cash, but are the most precious material gift we can give. Cash donations buy Bibles. Currently we can buy a full new NKJ Bible for 80 cents US money and a New Testament for 40 cents. Children who want a Bible are given one. They are also given personal invitations and warm openness to come back to the churches by those they met to receive further help. No church operating in the likeness of Christ would deny help to a child who comes back. We in this ministry in America are providing the start and assistance for the local Trinidad ministries to continue to help the children.

The Long Term Impact

We want to be like Jesus; loving all, giving to all without any concern for background, beliefs or the past, us not judging or speaking condemnation on anyone. God gave us free will so each person individually has the freedom to decide what to do with their lives. We offer, we do not tell. Ministering in the same way as Christ, we do not force beliefs on any child or adult, but give freely to all, as Christ did. Those of us who have personally seen and experienced how God has given purpose, security and a future to our lives want to pass this gift on to children. Our desire is to tell the children that their lives can be better. The children are important and powerful as individuals and together. If they choose, even while still children, they can cause change in other people’s lives for the better. Those working in this ministry are living proof that this is true in our lives. If the Lord can do this with us, He can do this with the lives of any and all of these children who would want this. Receiving the Lord’s blessing doe not depend on place of birth, wealth, or position, but are given freely to all who will receive them. Children are special and important. These children can impact the future of the entire island for future generations to come. These little children can change the world for the future, for the better.

Simple Beginnings

From the simple act of giving gifts sent in barrels, churches and communities in Trinidad will have a way to connect with and continue to help the needy children, the next generation. The churches in Trinidad who decide to partner with this ministry will attract both children and the adults who come to help the children. This will strengthen and build the churches and communities. The barrels will continue to be sent as long as the Lord provides through those in America who would help by donating. Churches in Trinidad who see this happening will want to join and participate. This most likely means if they sponsor events to give gifts to the children, they will also continue to give help to the children. Many of these churches and communities have already been ministering to the children using the few resources they have. Many have a desire to help the children, but don’t have a way. Now, help for the children in Trinidad will be multiplied from a simple gift sent in a barrel. Literally, a stuffed animal could change a child’s life for eternity and the lives of all those they impact. What an investment!

The Effectiveness of Mission Trips from America to Trinidad

An American on a short term mission trip has an advantage over those living in Trinidad. In March, Lee will be building support in Trinidad in these churches and communities to help in receiving the contents of the barrels Lee Greer, the President of the Board for Sanctuary For Children, will be coming to Trinidad March 13th through 23rd, 2009. The contents of eight barrels will already be there ready to be given to children. Arrangements will be made for events at possibly 10 to15 churches, as the schedule allows. The events will be well advertised in advance. Children will be invited from everywhere to come at the time of the event to receive the free gifts.

From the experiences of a previous mission trip there, it is obvious that children and adults love and respect Americans who would spend the time and money to travel just to give freely with no strings attached. On an earlier mission trip, children asked for all kinds of prayers, and to accept Christ even when they were never even asked if they wanted, attending to the needs of the children and helping this ministry. This ministry to the children needs the support and the varied talents and abilities of many in Trinidad and America. The Lord tremendously blesses those who help children. After I leave, my purpose is that the local ministry to the children will grow and continue without me being there.

Lee will later be leading a mission team to Trinidad for anyone who wants to come to minister in person to the children. Those going on the trip will have the joy of packing their own barrel to be shipped ahead and then personally helping to give out their gifts directly to the children they will meet in Trinidad. Churches who were not able to participate in March, will have an opportunity to participate later when the team comes. These churches can begin making preparations anytime by contacting us. Children who heard about the free gifts given in March 2009, but did not get one will probably come and bring their friends when the team comes. Giving away free gifts, toys and clothes in Trinidad is expected to attract thousands of children across many churches visited during one mission trip. Children will be given an opportunity to hear the good news about Jesus, to receive Bibles if enough are available, and to connect with those in the local church and communities who can continue to provide help A huge amount can be accomplished in a short mission trip. The potential magnitude of this ministry is enormous and many people are required to make it work. If you want to find out how you can help, click here to find out more…

This is one article about the street children from


Human trafficking in Trinidad: Children being sold for over 200,000
December 23, 2008

PORT OF SPAIN: Sunday December 21 2008, The Guardian newspaper of Trinidad published a disturbing report in which it alleges that human traffickers are on the prowl, looking to lure children and women to sell them for big money.

The report states that “children, because they live longer, are sold for over $200,000. Adults can fetch as much as $100,000. They are mostly used as sex slaves and sometimes for slave labour.
“Sometimes, they are used to make pay-offs in the drug trade – a well placed source informed the Sunday Guardian.”

The report stated that men owing drug lords are being lured into capturing humans, who will be sold for payment of their debts.

A source, pleading for anonymity for fear of his life, said victims were drugged almost immediately after capture and their cellphones switched off.

A Sunday Guardian investigation revealed that the lucrative human trafficking ring is operating in the Cascade/St Ann’s area, between Sangre Grande and Tunapuna, Diego Martin and in South.
Women have mysteriously disappeared from the Cascade area without a trace during the past year and “several straying young boys have vanished from the streets of San Fernando”.

The report further stated that the clandestine local trade, which operates through a well organized network and is supported by several powerful agencies, is linked to an international human trafficking ring.
Even some policemen are convinced that there is a human trafficking ring in Trinidad and they suspect that a number of missing persons have been victims of the trade, but were reluctant to say more.
According to the newspaper report, “fingers are pointing at a popular businessman, who has been described as the ‘big man’ in the human trade.”

“He’s popular. He is also linked with other businessmen across the country.”
The information was unearthed by a local resident after a female relative went missing several months ago. The man said his family, desperate for answers, launched their own investigation with the support of a police officer and local private investigators.

We will follow up with this story and keep you posted.
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