The Story
~ Sanctuary For Children ~

Written by Lee Greer
with contributions by others as noted


This is a story of the Lord’s work in ordinary people. It is your story. It is not finished.

Before 2012 the pictures were just thrown in the website site grouped by trips or in masses with no stories. Or what was written had no pictures. It was a poor testimony of the miraculous work of the Lord. Until this new website and email distribution system was in place I was years behind in telling the story. Once I bring the story with pictures up to date, the news posts to come will be added to the end as a diary, illustrated with pictures. After each trip, a lot of work will be required to document the Lord’s work the new photos and testimony of what He is continuing to do.

BOOK will be a major part of the website. The purpose is to glorify the testimony of the Lord who has provided so much from nothing but prayer. It is true. It is real. It is just starting. I have to tell the story. It is the story of the Lord leading by prayer, responding to obedience and doing the miraculous. Because He has done this, He will do that. When you understand how earthly impossible this ministry is so far, maybe you will begin to understand how certain His work will be.

To make the story sound like the work of man, and not of God is to risk His deserved wrath. These are not good works of charity, done by good people, but the desire and the work of the Lord. He works though obedient vessels where He can find them.

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