(Note published 12-2011: We stopped listing those who help. This list was a picture of names at that time. It was not complete and was discontinued. )

Those organizations and individuals in Trinidad who particitapted with this Ministry are from;

– Apostles Ministries,Pastor Hosea Ramdeen and Pastor Kirk Newallo
– Pastor William Nelson, Missionary Movement Church
– Faith Assembly, Pastor Kanhai, Caparo, Central Trinidad
– Richland Baptist Church, Deigo Martin, North Trinidad
– Pastor Andy Dharson, Church of Pentecost, Carson Field
– Chaguanas Evangelical Preschool
– Freeport Presbyterian Public School
– Chickland Weslyan Children’s Home, Director Dyan Davis,Central Trinidad
– Kingdom Ministries, Baptist Church, Pastor Lyod Meares, Princes Town
– Phillips Children’s Home, Couva, Central Trinidad

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