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A Christian Ministry Building Children’s Homes for the Fatherless in Trinidad
through Child Evangelism.

Bringing the blessings of Jesus to Homeless Street Children, the needy, the abused, the unwanted children of Trinidad. These important Children are the future of a nation and the world.

CHILD EVANGELISM – How does it work? The photographs and descriptions below tell of child evangelism events being conducted as part of a mission trip from the US to Trinidad. This is only an example. These events are meant to be conducted by Trinidad churches after they receive the barrels. We will be making more mission trips, but the purpose is only to show the churches in Trinidad how it works.

Trinidad children are invited to get free gifts. Donated toys and clothes are considered valuable. Children and adults come.
The gifts are given at evangelistic events planned by local churches. The needy and the non-Christian are invited.
These gifts are shipped by ocean from America to Trinidad for child evangelism; Donated Toys, Clothes, Books, Bibles, Church and Educational supplies
At these events, the children hear about Jesus Christ, connect with the people of the church, receive a Bible and a church home.
Inviting the children means inviting adults connected with the children and members of the community who come for free gifts.
Those who might never come into churches hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.
The gifts and the events build up the children and the churches.
The children take the message of Jesus into non- Christian homes.
We also hold these events in schools, orphanages and other organizations in Trinidad.
We continue to send gifts and supplies from the US to ministries in Trinidad who continue this work of Child Evangelism.

With a few resources, we can empower local churches, communities and individuals in Trinidad to change the future through helping the children. We cannot do much to supply the worldly needs of this generation of adults in America, much less in Trinidad. However we can change the future through the children. A child who understands Christ and lives themselves as Jesus did can a impact huge number of people in the course of living their lives. Children have the faith to just accept and live in the ways of God without question. It is harder for adults to surrender all they understand and have worked for, and even if they do, the number of years they have remaining are fewer than a child.

Why Trinidad?- My personal answer is, “Because that is where God put me. ” But I can see the wisdom. Americans are loved and welcomed in Trinidad. An American who takes the time and money to come all the way from America to visit the people to do something good, is welcomed by people who just want to hear you talk. I have always traveled with a team of local ministers. The residents who met me constantly invited me into their homes. In spite of all kinds of personal beliefs or lack of beliefs, they wanted me to speak openly about Jesus Christ. Most were born into some sort of spiritual belief but do not understand the truth about Jesus. As a short term missionary from a foreign social system, I was given advantages and access that local Pastors did not have. Many were taught to be hostile towards Christianity, but were still curious enough to hear from me as an individual. And giving gifts and doing good things for the people as Christ did, helped. I was even allowed to tell about Jesus in a public school. In 9 days I would say that I witnessed to over 2000 in some form, individually, in sermons, by my presence and their awareness that I was there a representative of Jesus Christ. These things do not happen in America. Where there was interest in Jesus, Jesus did the work Himself and there was response. In Trinidad, children in need are abundant. The average family income is less than $50 a week. Resources are limited. It is difficult for children to buy or get much for themselves.

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