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Wales 1904 Gods Voice
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An excellent video documentary. Same God across time and around the world. The part of his account that starts at 8 min 30 seconds into this video sounds so much like my experiences. But it is worth hearing the whole story of the Welsh revival and the truth that God is real today. Evan Roberts tells of being awakened each night to talk with God as a man talks with a man. Same story I tell. I did not know this to be in common until 2014 after I have been living this way for a long time and as you can see on the website, posted many accounts of my own before now. I have few who belive this and almost no understand, but I am not alone. I find it has happened before. I am driven as he was. I expect as he did. The Lord\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s desire this time is through praying children. - Lee

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