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This ministry was started in 2007 and the work has never stopped. It is not something I just thought up. It I did not even know where Trinidad was, until I was sent there. It is a story is about as unbelievable as Forrest Gump’s story. Since I live the story, I know it is real and I know it is not over.

After many trips to Trinidad, we are regrouping in prayer. At this time, God’s plan is to build armies of praying children. Praying children are a powerful force not to be messed with. Messing with the children is messing with God. The ones who were afraid become the ones to fear.

We have not yet acquired property in Trinidad. Much like military strategy, the initial direction the Lord is taking us is to acquire one piece of property and establish a beach head in Trinidad so resources can flow from America to Trinidad.

Rather than orphanages that can only help a few children, we will establish multiple community centers for the fatherless across Trinidad. Fatherless children tend to stay with adults who can provide anything. Many adults wanting to help them, often do not even have enough to provide for their own children. Just a little help for these adults can mean a lot of help for the fatherless. We can  help more children by providing resources from community center than by building orphanages.  In this way, the community centers can help far more children with more impact than by traditional orphanages.

The need will probably arise that some fatherless children will seek refuge at these community centers. Full care for a child is a different matter, highly regulated and we will be limited in the number of children receiving full care. The Lord will make the solution clear in time. This ministry is not for a few, but by changing the next generation, those who will be taking over the world from the previous generations, this is for all of Trinidad and all of the world.

God’s immediate plan is to build armies of praying children. Praying children are a powerful force not to be messed with. Messing with the children is messing with God. With God’s power, the ones who were afraid become the ones to be feared.

Two years ago we found the perfect property, perfectly placed in the perfect location for our first stronghold in Trinidad, but we did not have the money for the property, and the seller would not work with us. It is not easy to get anything done in Trinidad.

It will take millions of dollars to establish multiple community centers across Trinidad. I do not concern myself with raising money or ask for donations. God is able to provide for what He wants in all kind of ways. The money is only needed only when the Lord shows us the property to buy and the timing is right. Two years ago, when the Lord led us to the perfect property perfectly centered in the community center in a remote village in the jungles of Trinidad and for sale, we did not have the money. This was not a failure, but the Lord was training us and preparing us in the direction He wants us to go and showing us how we will get there. Eventually we will have this first property, a beach head.

We are registered as a non profit organization in Trinidad, which is an impossible status that only God could have accomplished. The registered ministry is a legal entity able to own property in Trinidad. We collect funds in America under the existing 501c3 of a church. We also have access to the resources of that church, but they are not over this ministry and we are not under their authority or control. They assist many ministries in this way. Sanctuary For Children has three directors, two in America and one in Trinidad. The Lord founded the ministry through me, Lee Greer.

Children’s Homes Will Come  October 2011

The orphanages ( the Christian children’s homes ) will be built for the fatherless who decide carry the truth of Jesus Christ in them. The fatherless will become disciples of Christ and will make disciples of others they meet and know in the course of their lives.

This is an interesting statistic showing the importance of one child who chooses to belong to Christ. If one Christian child saves only one person a year for 16 years and each of them also saves one person each year, a total of over 70,000 will be saved in 16 years. The word saved requires an understanding of the need to be saved. Most people don’t understand the warnings about the need to be saved. The whole Bible explains this. This ministry is led by the wisdom Lord, not by the wisdom of men. By simply obeying the Lord’s plan without questioning the wisdom, simple obedience leads to understanding the depth of the Lord’s wisdom. Obedience like a war horse or a soldier obeying a command. It is not our place to judge God’s wisdom to see if it makes sense before we do it. Fatherless children – Children having babies or children without family support. The father may be a child or a father who will never be a father. The Bible uses the term fatherless instead of orphan. The solution – The typical worldly response is to help the children by providing for obvious needs. Charity. This type of help lasts until it is used up but the continuing problems and the wounds remain.  The Lord’s plan is better. How do we know the Lord’s plan for the fatherless? – Or to ask the question another way, How do we know we are following God’s wisdom and not our own plan? We Receive God’s specific leadership for each specific problem in this ministry from prayer and the Bible. God wants to be heard by us more than most of us want to speak to Him. I will try not to quote all the parts of the Bible that guide this ministry because the there is so much of the Bible that guides all of it the scripture would fill up these pages. I will give two verses from the Bible that tell us He promises to give us answers. Jeremiah 33:2-3 2 “This is what the LORD says, he who made the earth, the LORD who formed it and established it—the LORD is his name: 3 “Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.’ James 1:5 5 If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you. The Lord has never failed in these ways to give us the leadership we need in this ministry. We do not make plans that make sense to us. We do not worry if the plans make sense to others. We ask the Lord in prayer, We obey what He gives us and it always works. I must add that the Bible also says these things are foolishness ( it makes no sense ) to those who do not belong to Christ. The promise only works for those who give Jesus complete control of their lives. What is God’s plan for the orphanages? – Christ in the children first ( Child Evangelism ) Then we build the Children’s Homes ( Orphanages ). Only the Lord can provide these things to be lasting permanent solutions. Even the wealth of a nation cannot solve some of these problems – Healing of scared pasts of children – Providing earthly needs – Breaking the cycle of Children having Children – Raising the descendants of the fatherless to be leaders of future generations and the best of mankind – Financial support to do all this – The army of adults needed to help the children to help themsleves – Land to build the children’s homes – Qualified adults to run the homes and bring up the children What’s the plan again? – Put God’s wisdom in the fatherless, then provide earthly needs. Without God’s wisdom whatever is invested will not last. The Lord’s wisdom in the Bible leads the children to freedom from impossible situations. As they grow to see that it works, they lead other fatherless children to become dependent on the Lord and not on a world that has failed them. The Children’s Homes ( orphanages ) become self sustaining – This is the Lord’s method. The children of today become the adults of tomorrow. As they find the way that works, they provide for them selves and as Jesus teaches, it is better to give than to receive. Since they cannot repay Jesus, they do for other fatherless, what the Lord has done for them. How do you put God’s wisdom in them? – We invite the fatherless to events where we teach about Jesus in the Bible and His promises to take care of all our problems. What will they grow up to be with God’s wisdom? –   Leaders. The Future. The best. This has been God’s plan for all of mankind since the beginning. It’s all in the Bible.

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