Let me tell this story to let you know how badly Bibles are needed and how much they are appreciated.

Pastor Hosea of Apostles Ministries in Trinidad is helping tremendously in getting ready for me to come in March, making arrangements with 10- 14 churches where I will speak to thousands of children. He is doing a lot of work, yet he timidly asked me, “I hate to ask you this, but can you spare any of the Bibles you have sent?” He explained, ”  We have many new Christians in my Church who have no money to buy Bibles and the church has no Bibles to give.” Before Christmas in answer to prayer I received some old pew Bibles which I had already sent in barrels and Hosea will give some of those to the new Christians in his church who don’t have a Bible. They will be treasured and well used as would any new or used Bibles you might donate.


NEW TESTEMENTS FOR CHILDREN TO HIDE Some children who accept Christ live where they would be put out for accepting Christ, owning and reading a Bible. They tend to want the small New Testament so they can hide it and read it without being caught.

LARGE PRINT BIBLES NEEDED Many of the Children who need Jesus the most cannot read. The adults do not have glasses. They need large print bibles. The cheapest Large Print Bibles I could find start at $8 each, that means I could buy 10 NKJV Bibles in small print for the price of one large print Bible. I can only pray.




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