April 2- 12, 2010 ( This mission trip was cancelled )
Lee will be leading a mission team from those from the US coming to Trindad to conduct 18 child evangelism events in 9 days working with churches all across the island to reach thousands of children. If you are interested in finding out more,  contact me. I would love to hear from you. (Note ( 12-3-2011 ) This trip was not made but the next trip was in August 2010). 

March 2009 – Lee Greer came by himself with a team of those from Trinidad to conduct several child evangleism events

 February 2008 – First trip to Trinidad Lee came as part of a medical mission team

These are photos from the February 2008 Mission trip to Trinidad and to the Island of Tobago


The Effectiveness of Mission Trips from America to Trinidad

Lee Greer, head of Sanctuary For Children, will be coming to Trinidad March 13th through 23rd, 2009. The contents of eight barrels will already be there ready to be given to children. Arrangements will be made for events at possibly 10 to15 churches, as the schedule allows. The events will be well advertised in advance. Children will be invited from everywhere to come at the time of the event to receive the free gifts.

From the experiences of a previous mission trip there, it is obvious that children and adults love and respect Americans who would spend the time and money to travel just to give freely with no strings attached. On an earlier mission trip, children asked for all kinds of prayers, and to accept Christ even when they were never even asked if they wanted to.

An American on a short term mission trip has an advantage over those living in Trinidad. In March, Lee will be building support in Trinidad in these churches and communities to help in receiving the contents of the barrels, attending to the needs of the children and helping this ministry. This ministry to the children needs the support and the varied talents and abilities of many in Trinidad and America. The Lord tremendously blesses those who help children. After I leave, my purpose is that the local ministry to the children will grow and continue without me being there.

Lee will later be leading a mission team to Trinidad for anyone who wants to come to minister in person to the children. Those going on the trip will have the joy of packing their own barrel to be shipped ahead and then personally helping to give out their gifts directly to the children they will meet in Trinidad. Churches who were not able to participate in March, will have an opportunity to participate later when the team comes. These churches can begin making preparations anytime by contacting us. Children who heard about the free gifts given in March 2009, but did not get one will probably come and bring their friends when the team comes. Giving away free gifts, toys and clothes in Trinidad is expected to attract thousands of children across many churches visited during one mission trip. Children will be given an opportunity to hear the good news about Jesus, to receive Bibles if enough are available, and to connect with those in the local church and communities who can continue to provide help A huge amount can be accomplished in a short mission trip. The potential magnitude of this ministry is enormous and many people are required to make it work.

One purpose of the trip in March 2010 is to make the arrangements for the mission team to come later. We don’t know the exact date, but expect it to be scheduled 6 to 12 months from now. If you are interested in being a part of such a trip to the children in Trinidad, contact us by going to the page called contact us.


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