The ministry “Sanctuary For Children” is based in the United States. Working from America, “Sanctuary For Children” assists those from many denominations and Christian organizations in Trinidad who share the vision the Lord has for the Children.
In addition to Child Evangelism on mission trips, we equip ministries there to continue on their own. We ship containers of gifts, supplies and Bibles for the purpose of building the body of Christ in Trinidad through the children.
There are no central headquarters for this ministry in Trinidad. The partnerships exist on an event by event basis so we are not dependent on the continued stability or reliability of ministries in Trinidad. As long as the Lord continues to bring forth ministries in Trinidad who want to do this and are willing to work with us, we can continue.
To avoid international, legal and organizational complexities, the Lord has set this up so we may work together as simply as possible. Each ministry or organization remain as separate entities, but coordinated in unity for the purpose of serving as the body of Christ.  ~ Lee

The Lord founded the ministry now called “Sanctuary For Children” through Lee Greer. “Sanctuary For Children” is in partnership with Healing Harmonics Inc. also located in Chattanooga. Healing Harmonics has a reputation for excellence for over 20 years and assists many other ministries in different parts of the world. Lee or any single person does not support this ministry from an abundance of personal wealth or free time, but through resources the Lord has provided because of prayer.

Since 2001, Lee and his wife Alice have been successfully active in an international evangelistic ministry called “Salt Shaker”, meaning out of the salt shaker and into the world. The Lord used Lee to bring men to Christ and he now teaches others to do the same. Alice did the same with women and for a while their oldest son, only 10 years old at the time, led a children’s Bible study.

In previous churches, Lee served as an elder, he and his wife as the church youth leaders, Lee started a church youth band, taught the young men’s Sunday school class and held numerous other church leadership positions. Lee led his two boys to Christ and had the special honor as an elder of participating in the baptism of his own 5 year old son. They are currently active members of Signal Mountain Presbyterian Church.

Lee has two college degrees, an Associate of Art, majoring in Art, and a Bachelors of Business Administration, graduating from Georgia State University with honors in accounting and in the top four percent of his class. Lee was a successful self-employed general contractor from 1978 to 2000, receiving national awards and recognition. In 1991, Lee personally designed and physically built their family home on the side of Signal Mountain with a view of Lookout Mountain and the Tennessee River. He currently works on houses and gives his time and money to the support of his family and this ministry.

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