Things the Lord has provided

These are the ways the Lord has provided help in the past and present.
Used Bibles- Find and used Bibles
New Bibles
 were purchased and donated
Help Sorting and Packing the barrels
Donation of Empty Barrels
Money donated
Used Children’s clothes collected from yard sales
Used toys from collected from yard sales
Donations of Canned food for child evangelism events

Photography- Video and photos in Trinidad and activities in America
Prayer- The best help we can receive is from the Lord
Money Donated ` The money is used to fund the ministry to accomplish this one goal ~

“The Lord will build many orphanages across Trinidad in the name of Jesus Christ. From these children, the Lord will raise up a new generation of Godly and righteous leaders bringing the Lord’s blessings in abundance to all of Trinidad for generations to come.”

The Fatherless will bring the Nation of Trinidad and the world to Christ.

These are a few of the expenses of the ministry
– 11 days and 18 child evangelism events in Trinidad. Includes Shipping of barrels, transportion, cost of events, travel and support approximately $3,000. The cost of  the work we do there is the major expense.
– Barrels ~ Shipping is about $200 per barrel with  no weight limit. They can hold about 200 pounds of clothes, toys bibles and supplies. These
– Communication ~ Phone, Internet, Website. Monthly and annual fees for all
– Computers ~ Needed in the US and Trinidad to keep the connection and to do the business of the ministry
– Bibles -Because used Bibles are not donated in large quantities, we have to the rest. On past trips we have preached to over 2000 children during an 11 day trip. Adults and children all wanted the bibles, be we had to ration them.

– Media ~ Video, Cameras, sound, editing software. Usually a one time expense but it adds up.
– Registration fees and import tax on Barrels

The Lord has provided all these things from less prayer than you would think. We you pray for what the Lord wants, He acts quickly.

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